Saturday, March 31, 2007 Different Than The Video Crowd is a new video startup that is different from the rest of the crowd. Unlike YouTube and dozens of others, it isn’t focused on building a portal around user-uploaded videos. Instead, they are allowing website publishers to create their own video channels, and populate it with videos from other sites (like YouTube, Revver, Yahoo Videos, etc.) that allow embedding.

The result is a highly targeted niche video site that integrates very well into existing content websites. To see it in action, see this channel that they created for TechCrunch. There are a ton of publisher settings to allow customization, but the general idea is that we would add this to the site, and allow readers to add their own videos that they think will be interesting to this audience.

I’ve set the TechCrunch page up so that any reader can add video (direct from their computer, via a search feature or by pasting the actual video URL from a video site), and it will go into the collection after at least three others have reviewed it and it has at least a 5/10 rating on average (or an admin approves it). Videos that are approved can be rated, commented, tagged, shared, etc. also offers a RSS feed of all videos on the site, so readers can subscribe and stay up to speed on new videos.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Myspace, politics, and the American Video blogger

Chris DeWolfe, MySpace Chief Executive, said in a statement.The Impact Channel will feature videos from the candidates, voter registration tools and job-listings. It will feature fund-raising tools in the coming weeks.At launch, Clinton's profile page claimed about 359 friends. Obama's page listed 66,080 friends.

Myspace, Politics and Video Blogging

Mostly young users can link to the personal pages or "profiles" of 10 presidential hopefuls.Democrats Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden, and Dennis Kucinich have set up MySpace profiles. Republicans McCain, Rudolph Giuliani, Duncan Hunter, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul also have pages.MySpace users will be able to read the candidates' blogs, see photos and video and, if they choose, link their favorite candidate to their friends list or put a candidate's ad onto their own pages.

Prospective voters eager to learn more about John McCain or to become an Internet "friend" of Barack Obama now have a new online opportunity., the popular social networking site, on Sunday launched a section dedicated to the 2008 presidential election.

Called the Impact Channel, it's the latest attempt by an Internet company to educate voters by serving as an information hub for political candidates and the public.

Videos being used to call for President's impeachment

Kucinich wants your opinion 'Is it Time for Impeachment?

Movement to Impeach the president goes Video Blog.
Impeachment and Patriotism

Kucinich Has a Chance to Make a Historic Move and to Stand Out

Kucinich Asks 'Is it Time for Impeachment?'

Click here for the transcript.

Hillary Clinton Political ads and bloggers

Reports indicate an online political video has sparked controversy from the Internet to the print media. The ad, a riff on Apple’s “1984″ advertisement directed by Ridley Scott to promote the first Macintosh computers, has been altered by an anonymous editor as a campaign ad for Barack Obama.

In the altered version, the “overlord” on the video screen, who is brainwashing the masses (a jab at IBM when the commercial first aired), has been replaced by video clips of Hillary Clinton. In the clips, she soothingly reassures the masses that she wants to have a discussion with them, that she doesn’t want to tell them what to do, that discussion is good. More>

Vote Different

Barack 1984

African American Political Pundit and Blogger, AAPPundit says: The mud-Slinging has begun as the 2008 Campaign goes negative on YouTube. But hey, creativity trumps money in open source politics Look out Obama, Clinton and Edwards the Republican will be coming after you full throttle.

Is this a case of Republican negative campaigning? Is this a setup by Hillary operatives? Is this a setup by Obama operatives? Who do you think created these ad? Is it kids in a basement or Republican operatives?

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Free Video Series to Educate Others About Blogging

Blogger Creates Free Video Series to Educate Others About Blogging
Emediawire WA
In response to this problem, one blogger has developed a free video series designed to educate bloggers of all kinds about how to create, improve, ...